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Tips For Residents Applying for Disability

The term “workplace injury” brings to mind industrial and manufacturing businesses, like IWS Logistics and Die-Max Tool and Die, in the 200 block of Industrial Boulevard. But on-the-job injuries can happen anywhere – the Kroger at 1905 Jackson St.; Prescott Bottling & Distributing, at 225 NW Atlantic St.; or at Morning Pointe of Tullahoma assisted living facility, at 711 Kings Lane.

When a person dies in a work-related accident, you’re likely to learn about that tragedy on the evening news. But you don’t hear about every worker who has been injured on the job – people whose lives are interrupted by a serious injury. Throughout Tullahoma and Coffee County, workers who have suffered a disabling injury often wonder where to turn for help.

If you’ve suffered an injury that prevents you from returning to work, call the Law Office of John R. Colvin. We’ve helped residents of Tullahoma and the Tennessee Valley get the Social Security Disability benefits they need to supplement their lost income and help cover medical costs.

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How Social Security Disability Benefits Help

Social Security Disability benefits are intended to protect people when they are at their most vulnerable. The program provides much-needed assistance to people who suffer from serious medical conditions. By offering this safety net to those who need it, we ensure that disabled people are not overcome by financial ruin because of their disability.

Being disabled is not only painful and debilitating in a physical sense. It can also put a person in debt because of the medical bills associated with their condition. Pain, debt, loss of work ability – these things put people on a collision course with poverty, loss of identity and hopelessness. That’s why Social Security Disability benefits are so important. They help prevent that downward spiral and ensure that Americans with disabilities have a certain level of security that they would otherwise not possess.

Taking Care of the Details

Applying for Social Security Disability Income can be a frustrating experience. Many initial SSDI claims are denied, either due to technical errors on the application or because administrators determine an applicant has failed to show adequate proof of disability.

The good news for residents of Tullahoma and the surrounding counties of southern middle Tennessee serviced by the Tullahoma Social Security District Office, at 717 Kings Lane, is you don’t have to visit the local district office to apply for benefits, because you can complete your application online. Even so, it can be a time-consuming task that requires a lot of planning.

When you have an experienced SSD attorney on your side, you don’t have to worry about getting your medical records from Harton Regional Medical Center, at 1816 N. Washington St., or from Tullahoma Surgery Center, at 725 Kings Lane. Your attorney handles those details for you, ensuring that your claim for benefits includes all the necessary documentation.

Why is the Process So Difficult?

Social Security Disability benefits help disabled people to cope with the struggles created by their condition. Unfortunately for many applicants, the process of getting these benefits is much harder than it should be. Applying for benefits presents its own set of challenges, including filing paperwork, waiting and, oftentimes, being denied altogether.

Applicants are often frustrated by the fact that they won’t receive benefits for a full five months after their disabling injury occurred. Many are often confused by the financial requirements.

For example, in 2017, you cannot earn more than $1,170 per month and get benefits.

But, income requirements can vary if you have certain conditions (the requirements are higher for people who are blind) or if some of your income is used for mobility and support.

Also, most SSDI applicants are denied benefits upon their initial application. The good news is that there are several opportunities and ways for an applicant to appeal that denial. However, those processes can also be difficult. There is more paperwork, more waiting and, if not done properly, the results can be the same – a denial.

How an Experienced Tullahoma Disability Lawyer Can Help

Not everyone meets the criteria set forth by the Social Security Administration that determines who does and who doesn’t get benefits. But even those that, in theory, should get benefits might apply in a way that sets them up for a denial. This is yet another reason why an attorney is helpful in the process.

An experienced attorney will know what works and what doesn’t. While an attorney doesn’t have a key to unlock the doors to Social Security Disability benefits, that attorney will be able to maximize your chances of success and minimize the errors people typically make in the appeal process.

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