McMinnville, TN Social Security Disability Lawyer

All roads lead to McMinnville – or at least many of them do. Tennessee State Routes 56, 55, 8, 30 and U.S. Route 70S all converge in the city, so it makes sense that the Social Security Administration would choose to put an office there in order to service both the Cumberland Plateau and the Tennessee Valley.

John R. Colvin chose to establish his office in Winchester, in part because of its central proximity to local Social Security district offices. Being about an hour’s drive from the SSA offices in McMinnville, Chattanooga, and Huntsville, AL, in addition to being less than a 30-minute drive from the Tullahoma, TN SSA office, John R. Colvin is able to easily travel to SSA hearings and personally appear on behalf of his Cumberland Plateau and Tennessee Valley clients.

If you live in McMinnville or Warren County and need help with your Social Security Disability claims, contact the Colvin law office today: 1-931-962-1044.

How Hiring an SSD Lawyer Can Help

Very few SSD applicants – about 28 percent – are approved for benefits when they initially apply. Denials for benefits may be based on a lack of medical evidence, or for technical reasons, such as improperly completed paperwork. When you hire an experienced SSD attorney to handle your benefits claim, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes on your paperwork that could jeopardize your benefits.

If your illness or disability makes travel difficult or impossible, an attorney can communicate with the McMinnville Social Security office. Specifically, your attorney can also be the point of contact for all correspondence and phone calls from the Social Security Administration, relieving you of the need to keep up with those communications.

Residents of Centertown, Irving College, Morrison, Viola, and other points in Warren County in addition to those claimants residing in the Grundy County communities of Greutli-Laager, Altamont, Coalmont, Tracy City, Palmer and Beersheba Springs can rely on John R. Colvin to handle their SSD cases with the Social Security district office located in McMinnville, Tennessee.   Our office handles Social Security cases on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing up front – our fee comes out of any SSD payments you receive.

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Claims Processing Delays

Social Security offices have been overwhelmed with SSD claims in recent years, and most locations now have fewer employees to review and process claims, due to budget cuts and staff reductions. If your initial claim is denied, you may have to wait more than a year for an Administrative Law Judge to review your claim (the first step in the appeals process).

When your SSD claim is thoroughly prepared with all of the supporting documentation necessary, you’re less likely to experience delays. But often, applicants don’t know the extent of information they’ll be asked to provide. You may need to produce certified copies of records – such as the death certificate for a former spouse – that aren’t easy to come by. An experienced SSD attorney knows how to access and produce those records to accompany your initial claim.

Advice While Collecting Benefits

If you’re already receiving SSD benefits, you still have to abide by several rules to make sure you don’t jeopardize your benefits. For example, some people try to return to work before they’re really able to, but they may earn enough income that the SSA terminates their benefits.

An SSD attorney can help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a benefits recipient, as well as explain possible tax issues you may encounter. You may also need the advice of a tax preparation professional in some instances.

McMinnville Disability Lawyer: Service You Can Count On

Large, “big box” law firms benefit from handling as many cases as they can, which means their cubicles of attorneys and paralegals may not have time to really listen to what each of their clients have to say. John R. Colvin runs a solo law office with the help of a legal support team and focuses on providing outstanding personalized customer service.

Our office offers the knowledge and experience of a big city firm with a down-to-earth and small town welcoming attitude. If you need help with your SSD benefits or the appeals process, contact the law office of John R. Colvin today to request your no-obligation consultation. Fill out our online contact form, or call us at 1-931-962-1044.

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