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December 22nd, 2017 by Attorney John Colvin

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Recent statistics from the Social Security Administration (SSA) indicate that the award rate for Social Security disability continues to go down every year. As of 2010, SSA reported that 34.8% of those who applied were approved for SSD. Other statistics indicate that 70% of initial SSD claims are turned down. And another 30% are denied after appeal.

If you have been denied, it can be an extremely upsetting and stressful experience. After all, you probably waited months only to find out you are being denied benefits. People who have no income and are sick or in pain have serious problems when they are denied disability by SSA. What should you do?

Keep the tips below in mind to improve your chances for ultimate disability approval:

Act Fast
In Social Security disability cases, time is of the essence. You only have a limited amount of time to file the first appeal; this is called a ‘reconsideration.’ If you do not meet this deadline, you may not be able to file an appeal later. In the best case, missing the deadline leads to longer delays, as a new application may be required. In the worst case, you may never be able to receive SSD at all.

Continue Your Treatments

When you are in pain and frustrated, it is easy to stop going to your doctor’s appointments. Do not do this. Your best case for winning your disability case is with convincing medical evidence. The SSA always puts more weight on the opinion of your physician than it does on your personal testimony. Thus, it is critical that you continue to work with your doctor to treat your medical problems. Without current medical evidence of your health problems, your case has no chance for approval.

Seek Legal Help

If you have been denied disability, you understand how complex the SSD process can be. You must sign a lot of forms, make a lot of appointments, collect medical records, provide exhaustive information about your employment, and much more. With all the stress that you face from your health problems, it can be too much. If you hire a law firm to help you, much of the administrative stress is removed. Working with an experienced Social Security disability attorney will significantly increase your odds of getting approved.

Keep in mind that most SSD attorneys operate on a contingency basis. This means they are paid only if they win your case. Also, your attorney may charge only fees that have been approved by SSA. Current law states an attorney can charge you up to 25% of your back-pay benefits.

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