Some people believe that recipients of Social Security Disability are lazy – that they’d rather stay home and collect benefits instead of work. But that’s not true. A recent Washington Post article may help reverse this harmful stereotype. The article featured stories from five SSD recipients in different parts of the United States, highlighting the […]

A former staff member of the House Ways and Means Committee recently wrote an opinion piece featured in The Daily Caller. In the piece, she says that tightening Social Security Disability – making it harder for people to get or retain benefits – will cause a spike in the unemployment rate. The correlation between unemployment […]

SSDI Questions to Ask

Tennessee residents often ask what the criteria are that the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses to determine eligibility for disability benefits. If you qualify, you may be paid Social Security disability (SSD) benefits each month if you are unable to work for at least a year due to the disability. The definition of disability under […]

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The Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI) was created in the 1940s to provide workers with an emergency backup plan to help pay their bills and make financial ends meet in case of an accident or illness. But many people believe that red tape, mismanagement and inconsistent leadership at the Social Security Administration (SSA) have […]

Disability Denial

December 22nd, 2017 by Attorney John Colvin

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Recent statistics from the Social Security Administration (SSA) indicate that the award rate for Social Security disability continues to go down every year. As of 2010, SSA reported that 34.8% of those who applied were approved for SSD. Other statistics indicate that 70% of initial SSD claims are turned down. And another 30% are denied […]

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A recent decision by the Tennessee Supreme Court has big implications for personal injury cases in the state. You might not have seen it on local TV coverage, read about it in your newspapers or heard discussions about it on the radio, but this decision is an important one for so many people that have […]

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The number of serious injuries on Tennessee highways is on the rise, according to a survey by the Tennessee Highway Safety Improvement Program. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of serious injuries rose substantially, from 6,275 to 7,008. This increase mirrors national traffic fatality data. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 37,461 […]

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The U.S. government informed Social Security recipients in October 2017 that they will see a 2% increase in benefits for 2018. This is the largest increase in the last five years, but experts say that the larger increase will be eaten up by higher premiums for Medicare. While it amounts to only approximately $25 per […]

Social Security Disability Facts

If you don’t fully understand Social Security Disability, you’re not alone – it can be a complicated topic. Attempting to read about every aspect of SSD would be a daunting challenge to say the least, and no one should have to go such lengths to learn about SSD. So, in an effort to shed some […]

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In 2016, processing time for initial Social Security Disability applications averaged 110 days. For people who have a serious disability, or a severe or terminal illness, waiting months for a decision about their disability benefits can be agonizing. The Social Security Administration recognizes that fact, and it attempts to fast-track claims for certain illnesses and […]

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