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Warren County is home to about 40,000 people, and in 2015, about 1,600 people received some type of disability benefit from the Social Security Administration, according to data released last year. Most of those beneficiaries were between the ages of 18 and 64.

Social Security Disability helps many people manage their costs of living, as well as pay for medical treatment they need. If you’ve suffered a disabling injury or illness and need help applying for benefits, contact the Law Office of John R. Colvin. We handle SSD cases on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing up front – our fee comes from any SSD payments you may receive.

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Help for Injured Workers

Yorozu Corp, which has a plant at 395 Mountain View Industrial Drive, in Morrison, was a party in a two-year legal dispute, involving a former McMinnville worker who injured her shoulder on the job. The company alleged the injured woman should not receive benefits, but the Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims decided last year that she was entitled to medical benefits, temporary total disability benefits, and permanent partial disability benefits.

SSD will not begin paying benefits until the sixth month of disability following an injury. So even if the SSA approves a disability claim immediately, a beneficiary might be without any income for five months – and the SSA is experiencing a severe backlog of SSD cases. According to a report released in September 2016,  1.1 million people were waiting for a hearing in March 2016 after their initial claims had been denied, and the average claim processing time was 518 days.

Tennessee Workers at Risk

In the Cumberland Valley, many people work in jobs with a high risk of injury. Trucking, construction, and manufacturing occupations are especially risky.

The Bridgestone/Firestone plant at 725 Bridgestone Drive in Morrison received an award last year for its adoption of voluntary safety standards. But three years earlier, at its plant in La Vergne, a worker became entrapped in a tire machine and died from his injuries.

In June 2015, a worker at Morrison Tank & Vault, 33 Finger Bluff Rd., died of electrocution when metal touched the energized saw he was holding. In 2014, a worker employed by Frank Garretson, of Morrison, was struck and killed by a front-loader.

When a person of working age dies, and they have a long enough work history to qualify for SSD benefits, their surviving spouse or children may be able to apply for survivor’s benefits. Some other relatives may be eligible for benefits, too, depending on the circumstances.

The Costs of Disability

When injured workers are taken to St. Thomas River Park Hospital at 1559 Sparta St. in McMinnville, their families may be unsure what to expect. A serious and disabling injury may require surgery, hospitalization, and ongoing medical care. Even with health insurance, families may be unable to manage these costs, especially if the injured worker was the primary wage-earner.

Applying for SSD benefits is a complicated and lengthy process, and many families may not know where to begin. The emotional toll of a severe disability makes it difficult to focus on the SSA’s procedural requirements for SSD. But an experienced SSD attorney can handle those details, ensuring the best possible outcome for people suffering from disabilities, and their families.

John R. Colvin has handled many SSD claims in Warren County, throughout the Cumberland Valley, and in northern Alabama. He understands how the SSA considers evidence and how to launch persuasive arguments during the appeals process, and he puts that knowledge to good use to help his clients. As a solo practitioner, he also offers the personalized one-on-one advice that you can’t always find at large metropolitan law firms.

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