Medical Lien Personal Injury Settlement

April 1st, 2021 by Attorney John Colvin

Winchester, TN Personal Injury Lawyer

Tennessee Personal Injury attorney After sustaining an injury in an accident, the action of compiling a personal injury claim is usually complex. The accident victims must spend ample time appropriately developing their case and navigating the settlement negotiations. Even though these steps are vital to a successful settlement, there are many other considerations to make.

Most victims seeking settlement in a Tennessee Personal Injury claim are caught off guard after they discover a hospital, insurance company, or some other party can seek a medical lien personal injury settlement — you might end up receiving an amount lower than expected. 

Liens can have a huge impact on your financial future, it’s vital to comprehensively understand how the lien personal injury settlement works so that you can be prepared. Reach out to a Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer to find out more.

What Is A Medical Lien And How Does It Work?

Hospitals, government agencies, or insurance companies at times have the right to impose medical liens against the victim’s settlement or recovery amount if they catered for the individual’s medical expenses. The following are some of the main instances where a medical lien is used:

Ø  A government agency, like Medicare or Medicaid, catered for the victim’s medical expenses. They may attempt to recover the costs if the injuries are linked to an accident.

Ø  The victim used insurance coverage to cater to the medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident. Here, the insurer files a medical lien against the individual’s personal injury settlement.

Ø  Worker’s compensation catered for medical expenses. The respective insurance provider might file a lien against the victim’s settlements, as well as a personal injury claim.

Ø  The hospital covered the expenses. Generally, it occurs if the victim is uninsured, but the hospital offers treatment regardless. The hospital may file a lien to be compensated for their services.

Most hospitals or doctors opt not to file a lien, instead only accepting immediate payment, because the personal injury cases can take longer, in turn delaying payments. Besides, there’s still the risk that the victim might be denied damages. Therefore, it’s easier for victims to negotiate payment terms than a medical lien.

How Can A Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Personal injury law There are ways in which a personal injury attorney can negotiate the terms of the medical lien to the client’s favor, whether by disputing the basis of the pursued lien or negotiating the amount of the lien to be repaid. Besides, a personal injury attorney will ensure that the medical lien costs consider potential recovery or be presented as proof of damages during the trial. All the efforts made will aim at reducing the victim’s financial strain.

Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney John R. Colvin and the team guarantee you the best result. The experienced legal team will help you address any medical lien concerns that might pop in your case. They will determine whether it’s a valid lien and can provide negotiation tips to reduce the amount subtracted from your settlement. Contact John R. Colvin at 931-962-1044 or call toll free 931-962-1044 to get started today.

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