Can You Get Compensation For Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injuries in Winchester, TN?

February 3rd, 2021 by Attorney John Colvin

Medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI) develop when a medical adhesive removes superficial layers of your skin to cause a severe reaction that persists after removing the adhesive. Other effects of MARSI include delayed healing, risk of infection, increased wound size, and pain. These injuries often occur due to the negligence or mistake of a medical practitioner. Do not allow yourself to suffer due to wound care mistakes. Seek the representation of a Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer to get full compensation for damages caused. The law now allows hospitals to be sued for negligence.

Identifying medical adhesive related skin injuries

There are many forms of such skin injuries that develop in patients. A MARSI is identified using the following factors:

Skin stripping: A shiny and painful appearance develops when one or more layers get stripped when removing the medical adhesive.

Blister injury: A tension or blister injury develops when the dermis and epidermis layers separate during the removal of an adhesive. You are likely to see blisters at the edge of an adhesive.

Dermatitis: Dermatitis is an immunologic response that is caused by allergic contact. It persists more than seven days after removal of an adhesive and could be very uncomfortable.

Skin tear: A skin tear is the separation of skin layers caused by friction or shear when removing the wound dressing.

Folliculitis: A folliculitis occurs when a hair follicle is inflamed after entrapment of bacteria when dressing the wound. Patients experience small inflamed swellings around the hair follicle.

Suing hospitals for Medical adhesive related skin injuries

MARSI requires immediate medical attention because the conditions could progress to become severe and affect the quality of a patient’s life. The law allows you to file a lawsuit against hospitals whether the condition was accidental or intentional. Such a case could compensate you for the following damages:

  •       Medical costs: You should not pay for injuries that are not your fault. If the court establishes that an employee of the hospital is to blame for the damages, the compensation will cover the full medical costs. These are easier to quantify as you are just required to sum up the entire amount.
  •       Pain and suffering: The state of Tennessee limits pain and suffering damages to a maximum of $750000. These are meant to compensate you for the physical pain and mental anguish you go through due to an injury.
  •       Punitive damages: The court could add some damages to the compensation if you can prove that the defendant was reckless or malicious when causing your injury. These charges are meant to be a form of punishment.

Get a personal injury attorney to represent you.

Sustaining a MARSI could be devastating for you due to the risk of infection and more harm inflicted on your wound. A personal injury lawyer will help you get the maximum compensation and handle the hustle of filing the case and gathering evidence. Getting a qualified attorney is essential to winning your case. Book an appointment online or call a licensed Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer today for full compensation.

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