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With just short of 10 primary interstates and more than a dozen other auxiliary interstates, Tennessee’s landscape is crisscrossed by major roadways. While this nod to modern infrastructure allows families to travel, commerce to occur, and economies to grow, it also increases the chances of interstate accidents.

According to reports from the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, more than 1,000 individuals were killed in traffic incidents last year. During the same 12-month period, no fewer than 50,000 injuries due to vehicle-related accidents were logged. Many of these occurrences happened along Tennessee’s interstates.

For instance, in April 2018, a fatality happened along I-65 in Spring Hill when a female driver from the area swerved into oncoming traffic.The woman’s death may have been due to a discarded household item in the middle of the road. Her family was left in shock, forced to deal with the realities that their loved one’s life had been taken so suddenly.

Also in April, a major incident on I-24 claimed the life of a 25-year-old man whose car ran into a parked semi along the shoulder of the road. Once again, his death will no doubt produce a lasting effect on all who knew and cared about him. A few months earlier, a Chattanooga 30+ vehicle pile-up due to icy conditions along I-75 left more than one dozen drivers and passengers in need of medical attention.

These examples are just a few that show how quickly an interstate-based accident can happen, and how life-changing the outcomes can be.

Even in the event of minor or moderate injury rather than fatality, victims regularly incur mounting costs that can lead to excessive, sometimes overwhelming, debt.

A report revised in 2015 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the national economic impact of all types of vehicular accidents at $242 billion. However, those that are not at fault do have the right to speak with a legal professional in Tennessee like John R. Colvin and discuss options that could lead to compensation.

Common Types of Interstate Accident Personal and Property Damages

After any type of Tennessee interstate crash or incident, those involved (or their loved ones) usually face at least one of several problems. Below are a few of the more commonly experienced damages that our law firm sees.

  • Property Damage

Property damage is by far the most often seen issue after an interstate accident. It can also add up quickly. In 2017, more than 157,000 recorded traffic incidents resulted in property damage in excess of $400. Contrary to popular belief, property damage isn’t limited to problems related to the vehicles involved. A truck or recreational vehicle that’s been totalled may have contained merchandise or personal belongings. Similarly, a vehicle veering off an interstate may crash into private-, business- or government-owned property.

  • Medical Problems

Even small injuries from interstate accidents can lead to high healthcare bills. Hospitalization, emergency room visits, surgeries, and physical and occupational therapies can be expensive. Plus, some people require trips to mental health professionals to deal with the emotional and psychological trauma of a crash. As those bills mount, accident survivors and their families may be forced to sell assets or even consider extreme options like bankruptcy to deal with the financial realities.

In the case of deaths due to interstate accidents in Tennessee, monetary damages include everything from the loss of income to funeral and burial costs and compensation for the lasting emotional damage on people closest to the victim.

  • Lost Wages

When a primary or secondary breadwinner becomes unable to work as a result of a traffic accident along an interstate, he or she immediately loses earning power. As a result, his or her family could have trouble paying monthly bills. One study shows that more than 50 percent of all Americans have fewer than $1,000 in savings at any given time. Consequently, even a minor accident could send a household into financial problems.

Legal Options After an Interstate Accident in Tennessee

Anyone who experiences an interstate traffic accident in Tennessee, whether or not they are state residents, should consider contacting legal representation. Lawyers with extensive personal injury experience can provide insightful opinions based on their years of service to the community and clients.

If you’re the victim of an interstate accident that wasn’t your fault, or the loved one of someone who was killed on one of Tennessee’s interstates or roadways because of someone else’s negligence, please contact the office of John R. Colvin today. We offer free, no-obligation initial consultations to help you determine whether you may be entitled to compensation.

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