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Fatigue Is a Major Problem for All of Us

While there was a safety campaign the first week of November called Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, the message behind the campaign is one that we should carry with us year-round. Being sleepy is more than just annoying. In fact, it can be downright dangerous to us, to our loved ones, and for people in the […]

Stricter Distracted-Driver Enforcement Might Make Roads Safer

Since the first cars rolled off the assembly line at the turn of the 20th century, drivers have been faced with a serious challenge: How to stay focused on the road for long stretches. With the development of transportation technology, and without an observant horse as a failsafe, we must now be extra diligent. However, […]

Distraction Is Proving to Be a Big Problem for Tennessee Drivers

Driving while distracted in Tennessee can be costly. The fee for texting while driving is just $50, but police can instead issue a citation for violating the “due care” law, which comes with a fine of up to $300. In addition to those penalties, drivers may be subject to a steep increase in car insurance […]

TDOT Aims to Improve Work Zone Safety and Drivers Can Help

In roadway work zones, flaggers help control the flow of traffic. These Tennessee Department of Transportation employees are the people who hold the “Stop/Slow” sign. Last year, a driver struck a flagger in Fayette County. TDOT wants to prevent that from happening to any other transportation workers, so it’s trying to improve worker visibility. In […]

Legal Questions Surround Self-Driving Cars and Fatalities

If a fully autonomous vehicle causes a death, who is to blame? That’s a question that doesn’t have a clear answer, but an answer may be coming soon. In March, a self-driving Uber car stuck and killed a cyclist who was walking her bike across a street in Tempe, Ariz. The car – a Volvo […]

Using Phone While Driving

The number of serious injuries on Tennessee highways is on the rise, according to a survey by the Tennessee Highway Safety Improvement Program. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of serious injuries rose substantially, from 6,275 to 7,008. This increase mirrors national traffic fatality data. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 37,461 […]

Fatigue Is a Major Problem for All of Us

Tennessee is one of four states that won a federal grant to address the problem of drowsy driving. Along with Tennessee, the Governors Highway Safety Association and The National Road Safety Foundation selected Iowa, Maryland, and Nevada as the winners, from the 12 states that applied for funding. Drowsy driving causes an estimated 328,000 crashes […]

Teenage Driver With Friends In Car

Every summer, crashes involving teen drivers increase, especially in the 100-day period that begins on Memorial Day. Several factors may explain why this happens every year, the most obvious being that teens drive more than usual during the summer. During the school year, teens might be driving to and from school five days a week. […]

Traffic Accident

In 2016, the number of fatal crashes in Tennessee increased over those occurring in 2015, and as of March 17 this year, the state recorded 183 fatal crashes – exactly the same number as this time last year. So what’s causing an increase in fatal crashes? A Tennessee Highway Patrol officer told Nashville’s News Channel […]

Colorful Apps and Cell Phone

A California man has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming it failed to introduce its patented “lockout” technology for iPhones that could have prevented numerous crashes over the years. According to The (San Francisco) Guardian, the man who’s suing Apple – Julio Ceja – said a driver using her iPhone rear-ended him at […]

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