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The U.S. government informed Social Security recipients in October 2017 that they will see a 2% increase in benefits for 2018. This is the largest increase in the last five years, but experts say that the larger increase will be eaten up by higher premiums for Medicare. While it amounts to only approximately $25 per […]

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If you don’t fully understand Social Security Disability, you’re not alone – it can be a complicated topic. Attempting to read about every aspect of SSD would be a daunting challenge to say the least, and no one should have to go such lengths to learn about SSD. So, in an effort to shed some […]

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In 2016, processing time for initial Social Security Disability applications averaged 110 days. For people who have a serious disability, or a severe or terminal illness, waiting months for a decision about their disability benefits can be agonizing. The Social Security Administration recognizes that fact, and it attempts to fast-track claims for certain illnesses and […]

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In its annual report, the Social Security Board of Trustees discusses at length revenue shortfalls that could lead to a depletion of Social Security retirement benefits. The trustees also propose a solution: reducing benefits by 17 percent, or generating revenue. If the government takes no action, by 2035, Social Security will be able to pay […]

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A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that most people are not in favor of cuts in funding for Medicaid, the government-issued health insurance for low-income Americans. The April survey found that only 12 percent of respondents favored Medicaid cuts, and nearly half said spending should remain as is. The proposal to cut Medicaid funding […]

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People with intellectual disabilities (ID) account for about one-fifth of the United States population. ID is a broad category that includes autism, Down syndrome and other disorders that severely limit one’s ability to interact with others, to learn, or to function independently. ID begins during childhood. Before the age of 18, children with disabilities may […]

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As of May 2017, the average wait time for a disability hearing in the Chattanooga Social Security office was 17 months, and the average processing time for a claim was 553 days. New rules that govern the claims approval process could add to the already significant backlog of SSD cases. Until this year, the Social […]

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At the end of May, the White House released the first version of its 2018 budget, and one of its proposals was to cut funding for Social Security Disability Insurance by $70 billion over the next 10 years. While the budget is likely to undergo several changes in the House and Senate, critics say this […]

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If you’ve ever looked at your paycheck and wondered why so much of your income is consumed by taxes and other deductions, you’re not alone. But the money taken from your check funds important programs – programs that you may one day rely on to help you cover your expenses. Aside from federal, state, and […]

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Without access to appropriate health care for chronic medical conditions and the inability to rehabilitate themselves from physically limiting injuries, combined with the loss of job prospects, more rural Americans are turning to Social Security Disability as a way to support their families. The number of adults on SSD nearly doubled between 1996 and 2015. […]

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