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Manufacturers and sellers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products are reasonably safe for consumers. Dangerous and defective products should not make it to the market. A company should not put its bottom line before the health and well-being of ordinary people. Under Tennessee law (Tenn. Code Ann. § 29-28), injured victims can […]

BIG PHARMA: PROFITS OVER HEALTH & SAFETY Part II- The American Insulin Crisis Multiple stories by The Washington Post and other media outlets have reported on the high cost of insulin being a life-saving medication whose price is skyrocketing, which is causing some desperate diabetics to start rationing and risking their lives due to unaffordability […]

Part I- The American Opioid Epidemic Recently the pharmaceutical industries have been on the forefront of investigations launched by not only federal agencies, but by the national media. The Washington Post recently spotlighted, in a 3-installment investigative series, the opioid epidemic and the DEA data that they prevailed upon the courts to release.  The data […]

Avoid Buying Defective Toys and Hobby Equipment This Holiday

It’s easy for kids–and parents–to get excited about all the new toys and recreational items during the holiday season. Who can blame them? Not only are advertisements all over the television, but they’re on the Internet and in flyers, too. In fact, it’s tough to miss the latest and greatest treasures being marketed this year. […]

Hunters Be Cautious: Some Leisure Sporting Equipment Could Be Defective

Many people use crossbows, rifles, and slingshots for hunting or for sport, and one would logically assume that these devices will function as intended. However,  several recalls in recent years have shown that thousands of products with dangerous defects have ended up in stores. Take a look at the following recalls, if you have a […]

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