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Family with Elderly Loved One

Choosing the best nursing home for a loved one takes a little investigative work. Families may want to know about several factors, such as a home’s proximity, its cleanliness, its staff-to-resident ratio, and the cost of care. Fortunately, online resources can help families learn more about Tennessee’s approximately 350 nursing homes. Types of Facilities Although […]

Nurse Looking Up Something on Laptop

In 2015, a security researcher told WIRED Magazine he had exploited a vulnerability in Hospira drug infusion pumps that would allow hackers to remotely access the pumps and control the drug dosage delivered to patients. Hackers would also be able to change the machines’ drug library, so the machines wouldn’t detect fatal doses of medication. […]

Person Pushing an Elderly Person in a Wheelchair

In 1986, at the request of the U.S. Congress, the Institute of Medicine conducted a study about the health and safety of nursing homes. After researchers found that abuse, neglect, and a low standard of care were common in nursing homes, they suggested to Congress that new laws be enacted to help protect nursing home […]

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