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BIG PHARMA: PROFITS OVER HEALTH & SAFETY Part II- The American Insulin Crisis Multiple stories by The Washington Post and other media outlets have reported on the high cost of insulin being a life-saving medication whose price is skyrocketing, which is causing some desperate diabetics to start rationing and risking their lives due to unaffordability […]

Part I- The American Opioid Epidemic Recently the pharmaceutical industries have been on the forefront of investigations launched by not only federal agencies, but by the national media. The Washington Post recently spotlighted, in a 3-installment investigative series, the opioid epidemic and the DEA data that they prevailed upon the courts to release.  The data […]

What Is The Civil Justice Act? The Civil Justice Act was passed in 2011 by Tennessee lawmakers after special interest groups and their powerful and well-connected lobbyists pushed for an act that they simply labeled as a “cap on damages.”  While a “cap on damages” sounds like something to protect one from harm, make no […]

Social Security Disability Related Terms, Winchester TN | John R. Colvin Attorney at Law

-UPDATE- GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE TO INVESTIGATE THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION’S USE OF CONSULTANT DOCTORS As we previously reported earlier this year in a blog post, a Tennessean newspaper investigative report found that some doctors in Tennessee were denying a high rate of applicants while reaping large sums in fees. The article also illustrated that the […]

Monumental Supreme Court Ruling Exposes TVA to Lawsuits

In 2013, two fishermen competing in a fishing tournament steered their boat into the Tennessee River. In that same space, workers with the Tennessee Valley Authority were raising a submerged power line. The boat was struck by a conductor, badly injuring the boat’s operator, Gary Thacker, and killing his passenger, Anthony Szozda. Thacker and his […]

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