How to Know If Your Workplace is Unsafe in Winchester, TN

February 5th, 2020 by Attorney John Colvin

Workplace Safety

Everyone deserves safe and fair conditions on the job. Sadly, far too many workplaces in our region are simply too dangerous. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that approximately 60,000 workplace injuries and illnesses are reported in the state of Tennessee each year. 

Is your workplace as safe as it should be? It is not always easy to tell. We want to make sure every worker has the tools and information that they need to protect their well-being and their legal rights. Here, our Tennessee work injury attorney offers four tips that employees can use to check if their workplace is safe. 

Four Ways to Know If Your Workplace is Unsafe

Check for a History of Regulatory Violations

As a starting point, you can take a look at your company’s official safety record. Both state and federal regulators keep a public database of workplace safety violations. Employees can run an establishment search with the Tennessee Department of Workplace and Labor Development or with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). While a clean history does not guarantee a safe workplace, it can be useful to know whether or not your employer has been cited for violations. 

Review Your Safety Training—or Lack Thereof

Next, we recommend thinking back to the safety training you received—or did not receive. Does your employer require safety training for employees? Are there ongoing reviews? If your company is not making worker safety a top priority, that could be a troubling sign. Tennessee employers should put time and resources toward safety. Profits cannot be allowed to come before people. 

Keep Your Eyes Open for Clear Safety Issues

One of the best ways to stay safe on the job is to check your workplace for safety violations. If you see safety problems, you have the right to report them. Worksites that are full of obvious, unaddressed safety violations are simply unacceptable. Supervisors should always be prepared to take action to address safety problems.  

Consider How Management Responds to Safety Complaints 

Have you ever raised a workplace safety issue with management? Have you witnessed a co-worker trying to report a safety violation to the boss? If so, think back to how your employer responded to the complaint. Did they simply brush it off and fail to take action? If so, that is a serious problem. Did they actually punish the employee who reported the matter? If so, that is not only a serious problem, but it is also against the law. When management fails to take action to rectify workplace safety violations, it puts the health and well-being of employees at risk. 

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